Who would be the right choice to stay at Manchester United?

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Gary Neville has questioned whether Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Hag would be the right choice to stay at Manchester United permanently.

         Two famous trainers are the two favorites who are expected to be the new bosses of the Old Fence. Trafford this summer after Ralph Rangnick stepped down as a consultant.

         However, in Gary’s view. He also expressed concern over whether the pair would be the right choice for the job. 

         “If you look at Pochettino and Ten Hag, two of whom are always mentioned, Pochettino. We don’t know that he has the personality of moving to Manchester United. or not,” said Gary.

         “The size of the club, the problems of the team at the moment – do they have the personality and character and the tactical planning to manage , repsort by UFABET

         “In Influence To control the planning in the training field in field development. Everything you think a great manager will do. I’m not sure Pochettino and Ten Hag have that in them.”

But the former Old Trafford legend is unsure who is the right man to turn United’s fortunes around and make them become a contender once again – having failed to win any silverware since 2017.

‘Pochettino we don’t even know if they can get from Paris Saint-Germain. Have they got the personality to come in to Manchester United? 

‘The scale of the club, the issues that exist there at this moment in time. Are they able to have the personality and character and the strategic planning of how to manage up and down?