Stefano Pioli has praised the team’s performance

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AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli has praised the team’s performance for outstanding performance and deserved to win back out.

The Red Devils defeated Napoli 1-0 in Serie A on Sunday, giving the Bianconeri their lead, two points ahead of Inter Milan. More than 1 match

“Here are 3 important points. We defeated a strong team that caused us a lot of trouble. Because the team work very hard when there is no ball and deserves to win.

“We have a lot of ideas for attacking on the left side. Therefore, we care less about protection. It is worth taking the risk for the potential we have to go up there.  So We tried to be aggressive, Tomori and Kalulu did a really good job of tying up Osiemen.

“We need a fierce midfield. but including quality Realizing that we could find space between their lines. We are in the game from start to finish. It’s a good performance But there are many more busy games coming.”

Stefano Pioli has praised the team’s performance

Interviewed by Mediaset after the game, as cited by UFABET , Pioli shared his thoughts on the Rossoneri’s performance and what it means for the second leg. He believes Milan deserves to win the clash.

Are Milan better?

“I think Milan are better because we played a good match and we deserved something more. Seeing as it’s a two-legged affair, it’s a good result but the team deserved to win.”

How was the yield today?

“A partial yield, but I’m satisfied with the performance. We are showing that we can compete, in the last two years we have made an important path and we want to try to win something. We will give everything like tonight to try to make this season very important.”