Jurgen Klopp admits he likes and dislikes to win over Spurs.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admitted that. There was a lot to like about the dramatic 4-3 win over Spurs and not like in the same game.

The Reds took the lead with a score of 3-0 in the first 15 minutes of the game. But the Golden Spur chicken was able to break the egg at the end of the first half. And in the second half, Spurs came to score 2 incredible equalizer goals. Especially Richarlison’s son, who came in the 90th minute + 3

However, who would have believed that. In the 90th minute + 4 Diogo Jota would come and break the winning goal for Klopp’s team to win?

Jurgen Klopp said.

“It was a great start. It’s an outstanding start. Best form in every position how we play how we press the way we counter how we defend. The way we reacted, going 3-0 up, wow, what a fucking game.”

“In the first moment we played a bad defense. The first support did not respond. The rest of the team was too deep. And suddenly we had a one-on-one duel in our penalty area where Virgil van Dijk slipped. You have to avoid making decisions in that situation UFABET

“The first half was open because they kept believing or believing. We close the door for them. And it looks like we pushed them a little too. The second goal they scored was also a situation that shouldn’t have happened.

“The third goal, a set-piece in the 92nd minute is always tricky. You must avoid set-pieces like this. But thank God, Diogo Jota saved us, that feels great.

“From the perspective of development. There is a lot to like in that game. And there are many things that I don’t like at all. that’s my life. And the feeling is that I like the good parts so much that I feel like we can take them apart.”