Girona is ready to welcome Oriol Romeu back to his old home.

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Oriol Romeu has a chance to leave Barcelona and return to his old place Girona in the summer of 2024. Girona sporting director Enrique Garcel has revealed that. He would welcome Oriol Romeu’s return from Barcelona to rejoin his old club in the summer of 2024. According to Girona. Report from ‘Diario AS’ last Friday. 

Romeu moved from Southampton to play with Girona in the summer of 2022. He performed so well that he was brought in by Barcelona last summer for a fee of 3.4 million euros. UFABET Is a short-term replacement for Sergio Busquets, who moved to play with Inter Miami after the contract with Azulgrana ended.

However, Romeu performed well only at the beginning of the season. Before becoming the target of criticism for making frequent mistakes in the latter period until he was removed as a reserve, and it is likely that Barcelona will find a way to release players from the club after the end of this season, which Girona welcomed with open arms. Returning to the old place as well

‘Personally, I like it 100 per cent. He gave us something amazing. Many players look to me for teaching them how to compete. Is there any chance of it happening? It is not easy because there are contracts involved. But I don’t see it being impossible.’ Garcel said of the 32-year-old midfielder’s chance of returning to his old home.