Alvarez insists every game from now on is a final.

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Julian Alvarez insists Manchester City’s next game is like a final after beating Fulham 2-1, ahead of Arsenal. Leader of the Premier League.

“It was a very important win for us today. Every game from now on is a final. Especially after beating Arsenal, we caught up. We have to keep doing this.

Speaking of the stunning goals scored, Alvarez said: “It’s great to score here. And It’s a very important goal at the crucial point of the game. It was great to be involved.” UFABET

When asked about playing with Erling Haaland, the Argentine striker replied: “It is very important to have a striker that is dangerous. He scored a lot of goals. It’s up to the whole team to play through the whole period. So we have to keep doing it.”

“We know it’s not easy to come here because of the stadium as well because Fulham are a good team. We are very happy to withstand the pressure. and able to stand up.”

Finally, Alvarez spoke about rising to the top of the table. “This is where we want to be at the start of the season. Everyone did a great job. And now we are at the top that we must protect. Every game is a final for us. And everyone will work together to do our best.”